Soup & Salads

A Delight for All Seasons

Chunky Chicken Salad  ...$6.50

Chicken Salad on a bed of Romaine topped with tomatoe Curry

Craison Chicken Salad  ..$6.95

"Currled Chicken Salad on a bed of Romaine topped with Tomato & Roasted peppers

Tuna Salad ...$6.50

"Chunky seasoned White Tuna Salad on a bed of Romaine topped with tomato and Roasted  Peppers

Juliance Salad ...$6.50

*Turkey ,Ham,Romaine,Cheddar, onion,Roasted Red Peppers

Cold Plate Special  $7.50
*Choice of one scoop of Salad on a bed of Romaine topped with Tomatoe ,Cheddar Cheese,Cottage, and Roast Peppers

Homemade Soup by the Bowl  $3.50

Our soups and Chowders change daily, Just ask for the
                         "SOUP OF THE DAY "

                        Wraps & Sandwiches

                 Neatly Wrapped or Piled High

Buffalo Chicken .... $6.50

"Chicken Salad ,Blue Cheese, Cheddar Lettuce , Tomato & Hot Sauce Bacon Lettuce

*Grilled Cuban ...$6.50
Sliced Ham and Turkey ,Lettuce, tomato dill pickles ,Seasoned Mayo Mustard all Grilled UP!

*Tuna Melt...$6.95
Chunky White seasoned tuna & Swiss Cheese Grilled Perfectly

Curry Wrap ..$5.95
Chicken ,Bacon,Cheddar Wrap ..$6.50

Ceaser Wrap $5.95

Grilled Veggie Wrap ..$6.50
(House Favorite) *Mixed Grilled Veggie ,Spices, Hummus and more !

All Sandwiches Available on , Bagel ,Wheat Bread or Wrap ! Try a Fresh Croissant for on $.50 more

Food Menu

Your Neighborhood Fix


Monday    Closed 

‚ÄčTuesday   10am  -2pm

Weds       9am  -  3pm

Thursday 9am  -  3pm

Friday     9am  -    1pm


Friday Nite  5pm - 9pm

Saturday 10am  -  2pm

        Sunday Closed

The  State Street Cafe
  Beer & Wine Now Here

Located in the historic building in quaint Downtown. Offering delicious espresso drinks, coffee, homemade baked goods & soup, lunch items and much more!

Choose from our Daily Variety
Baglel with Butter  $2.50
Baglel with cream cheese $2.95
Bagel with PB or jelly $2.95

Breakfast Sandwiches
Choice of English Muffin, Bagel Toast or Wrap
Bacon or Sausage with Egg and cheese  $3.75

Plain or Toasted Croissant with Fixins $4.50

Egg White Wrap .(Grilled to perfection) ..$4.00

Roasted Red Peppers, Onion and Swiss Cheese

add Sausage or Bacon for something a little special

Daily Special may Vary

Toasted English Muffin with Butter   .. $1.95
Wheat Toast with Butter  ..$1.95
Sausage Egg & Cheese .. $3.95
"Homemade "Oatmeal  ..$2.95

made with Oats ,Bananas,Brown Sugar

Craison & Cinnamon

Toasted Croissant with Nutella and Banana $3.95

French Toast.....

*French Toast 3 slices ...$3.95
2 Eggs over Easy  ... $1.95

2 Egg Scrambled ...$1.95


Sweet and Savory

Nutella and Banana .. $6.95
*Nutella Spread, Bananas Whip cream & Cinnamon

Carmel Apple Delight ... $6.95
"Grilled Apples.Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Whip cream

Ham & Cheddar ..$6.95
*Delicious ham & Melted Cheddar cheese
Bacon ,Eggs & Cheese ...$6.95

*Crispy Bacon ,Egg & American Cheese

Turkey Bacon  Swiss  ...$6.95
*Savory Turkey ,Crispy Bacon and Swiss Cheese

Blueberry with Sweet Cream Cheese  ..$6.95

Strawberry with Nutella ..$6.95

*Add Banana..$.95